Veggies and Meat for Your Dog

Why are veggies and meat for your dog important?  Its the nutrition that both offer your best friend!The most amazing thing you can do for your dog is to feed him the right kind of food, and that does include meat and protein, but more than that, it includes some fiber and some minerals as well.  The best way to accomplish this, is to feed a mixture of protein and vegetables that will provide the best nutrition that you can ever hope to provide.  Natural food that is full of fiber, protein, and natural vitamins and minerals are the best offers for your dog.  Veggies can be a great snack for your dog, but offering low fat and raw meat for your dog is another way to ensure good health.

Buy the Best Dog Food

Your money may be tight, and you might be purchasing some very economical dog food at the local supermarket or the box store, and see that your dog enjoys it very much.  The truth is, most of the very inexpensive dog food is really just that, inexpensive.  It is usually loaded with less than adequate nutrition, and can be very difficult to allow your dog the right amount of minerals and essential vitamins for health and vitality.  Without the right ingredients, you are only filling your dog with fluff, and the most difficult of health issues will  not evolve or disappear on this kind of diet.  It is a recipe for disaster, and can only bring your dog more of a risk for health issues to evolve into real tragic consequences.

The most kind and supportive thing you can do for your dog, and all of your pets at home, is feed them the most natural and healthful food that you can afford.  It was not so long ago, that all of our dogs, cats, birds and other pets ate what we ate.  We prepared a home cooked meal, and the dog was anxious at the end of the meal, for their share of the food.  The scraps of the meal were given to the dog, and often if a hunted animal was prepared, we gave the dog a raw bone, or some of the less than scrumptious parts of the kill.  The reality of this situation is that this was actually closer to best nutrition for our dogs, as the dog would have eaten this way in the wild, and the raw meat, and scraps of vegetables are exactly what a dog needs for good health.

Now, with the advent of pet food companies, the regulations are often fairly relaxed on what a pet food company can include in a pet food, and they often fill it with many less than best choices like corn, potatoes, rice or even some by-products like chicken feet, beaks, or even feathers.  If you are buying a meat “meal” you are feeding your pet these ingredients.  It is not healthy, and lately, they have realized that even some forms of the chicken are exposed to arsenic, which is in the cheaper chicken feed.  The chain is not built on health, but on cost control, and this will only cost you dearly in the future.

Cost of Food will Result in Health and Vet Care Costs

The reality of the inexpensive food choice, is that you in fact, will be spending more money than you would like to spend, in the area of veterinarian care in the near future.  When you feed a corn based pet food, or a food that is “cheaper” you are risking some of your wallet in the future to be spent at the vet.  The terrible outcome of allergies, joint problems, digestive and nervous system issues, and scarier health concerns like cancer and terminal disease are possibilities.  It is impossible to link all of the health issues that you may result with by your choice of food, but there are many times where the change of food can result in a better outcome.  For this reason, the connection between poor nutrition, and increased vet care costs seems to be valid.  The choice is yours as a pet parent, and if you are willing to spend a bit more on the front end of your pet’s food, you will most likely see a great result with any health issue you are experiencing.

Think of it this way, if you run your body to the ground, and you keep going and expecting your body to produce, but do not offer valid minerals, proteins or vitamins for healing and health, your body will pull from the tissues and cells to find vitamins and minerals to keep you working.  If you are not adding minerals and vitamins to the overall needs of your busy body, you will feel sick, tired and will not be able to see good results from your health.  Your overall life will suffer as a result of the lack of support from your nutrition.  The same thing follows for your dog, and many dogs today are suffering from allergies and do not see good results in health.

For this reason, the most important thing you can do as a good pet parent, is buy nutrition that is real.  The food that you should look for is something you can recognize, and a food that you would be sure was actual meat, vegetables and provides the necessary vitamins and minerals.  The ingredients should be easily understood, and if there are words that you are  not sure about, do not buy that food.  Organic is a great way to go, as the standards are higher for this kind of process.  Take the field to your table for yourself and your pet, and you will save money in the long run.

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