Our Mission

If your dog is suffering from hot spots, ear infections, itchy skin, or other digestive issues, it is related to the food you are feeding him.  Be sure to find the right dog food here, based on real dog owners, and their use of each food.  We know that dog owners are not just owners but parents, and as such, must find the right choice to ensure health and vitality.

Do not feed the trashy food, and your vet bills will disappear.  Use caution when you start this approach, as it takes time, and patience for the results to appear as positive.  Often, your dog will suffer a bit, before all the toxins are removed from her system, so it can be a program that you have to stick with.

Find the best food choices, here, and only natural dog food options are featured.  All are good choices, some may be better for your dog, than others.  That is why, it takes a village to find the right choice for you!