Dog Throwing Up : How to Manage this Symptom

When you experience dog throwing up syndrome, it can take a lot of patience to work through this problem.  It is not an easy problem to solve, but first, you must visit your vet, and have all the necessary blood work done, to determine that it isn’t an underlying symptom of a problem related to areas other than the stomach and the intestines.  And, in addition, if blood work comes back normal, an x-ray should be performed to ensure that the dog does not have a tumor, or foreign object in the stomach or near the digestive tissues.  Sometimes, a dog throwing up is caused by a swallowed rock, which sits in the stomach, creating acid in a repeated fashion, and since it is weighty enough, it cannot be vomited back up.  If this is the case, surgery is in order, which can be very effective if caught early.  Other issues that can be seen by x-ray, when symptom of a dog throwing up is experienced, are biological obstructions such as growths, tumors or inflamed linings of the intestines.  All vet diagnostic work should be performed first, to ensure we are getting to the correct solution.

Solution 1 to Dog Throwing Up

When your symptom is constant dog throwing up after a few hours of eating, and the dog is generally throwing up undigested food, and acid, you may have an allergy at work.  The cause for some dogs is a grain allergy, so going gluten free is a great way to tackle this problem holistically.  That means, although your dog will have issues with most grain filled and oat related foods, she may not have any allergies to gluten free dog food.  Look for an organic, gluten free dog food, that should bring your dog good nutrition and is stored in small bags.  Try a food that offers a variety of grain free options to get the best result.

Solution 2 to Dog Throwing Up

Gaining on the theory of allergy issues, try to lower your dog throwing up symptom by switching to a gluten free food, and in addition, a single protein that you did not feed before.  Sometimes, your dog will become sensitive to turkey protein.  In this case try a different protein like rabbit.  The source can be different, and when you add in the gluten free option, you should expect to see results in as soon as 48 hours.  The issue sometimes is the lining of the stomach and intestine develop a thickness or a inflammation that cannot be useful to digestion.  Your dog throwing up is caused by the protein and difficult to digest grains in the food your dog may be eating.  Try to give your dog a gluten free single protein change.

Solution 3 to Dog Throwing Up

Be sure to feed the new gluten free and single protein food in a mix of warm water.  Let the food soak in the water for at least 15 minutes.  The third solution to the problem is to feed smaller size portions, in a wet plate.  The soft food, in a smaller size will be kinder on your dog’s sensitive stomach.  Try this approach for a week, and if the dog still throws up after each meal, switch to a different protein.  The solution is not simple, but you are addressing the real issue, and not masking with medicines.  The inflammation that creates the dog throwing up can be solved, with a little time and trial and error.



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