Bath Time for Dogs

Bath Time for Dogs often involves an outside bucket, a hose or even a quick rinse with a sponge and a pail of water.  Sometimes, when the weather is beautiful, and the dog is an accustomed outside dog, this is the correct action for your dog.  Most household dogs, however require a most careful and controlled bath time.  This is because, just like us, they are sensitive to the extreme cold or heat that we are, and are not as used to variation in temperature.  Some little dogs will quickly develop a range of lung and skin problems if the water temperature is not right.  For this reason, and for allergy reasons, I want to run you through a nice range of good dog bath time procedures.

Bath time for Doggy

dreamstime_l_18730812When your dog is muddy and totally covered in dirt, an outside rinse with the hose is a great idea. Often, they enjoy getting the mud and dirt off, as it pulls and makes life generally very uncomfortable.  But, some very active hunting dogs, find the protection of mud and dirt a nice thing for there outdoor activities.  Most dogs are pets in America, so a dog is often clean, and kept inside next to their very fortunate humans.  Pets in America, do not need too many bath time events, as the bath time is only a way for them to lose valuable oils and protective coat coverings that nature provides.  In fact, they require a simpler solution for their fur as it is not hair.  Poodles, however, do have hair, and this breed offers the exception.  With a poodle or any mix of a poodle, you have to manage their hair like any human head of hair, and they need regular grooming and bathing.  Bath time for poodles should be every month, to a minimum.  Most poodles prefer a good bath time every two weeks.  Other dogs, however, have fur, and it doesn’t really grow too often.  Dogs with fur, and that includes most, do not need regular bath time events.  In fact, once every six months is more than enough.  Some dogs, especially dogs with long fur, only need an annual bath time.

Bath Time Should include Coconut Oil Shampoo

Saponified or coconut oil shampoo, is the simplest and best shampoo for dogs.  Dogs with a tolerance for little change to their environment, are struggling with an auto immune imbalance, that is linked to nutrition.  This is a topic for another chapter, but most dogs that are struggling with skin problems, do not need bath time to occur, but they need some increased nutrition.  Sometimes, with the advent of new good nutrition, they experience this same outcome because dogs with poor nutrition for years, can hold onto toxicity, until proper nutrition is received.  For this reason, any time you are experiencing skin problems, itchy skin, redness, and sore skin problems in dogs, do not change their food if you have made a good nutritional change recently.  The effect of good food can release the hounds, so to speak, and a flurry of poor toxicity will erupt in skin problems.  Simply stay the course, and add bath time with saponified or coconut oil shampoo.  I prefer to buy an organic variety like Halo’s Herbal Shampoo.  The mix of fresh botanical detergents and elements like olive, jojoba, tea tree, rosemary, sage, cedarwood, peppermint, sweet orange, eucalyptus, pine needle oil, aloe vera, and rosemary extract offer the best pest preventatives and cleansing for your dog.  The best cleaning at bath time comes from less frequent cleaning times, and good quality shampoo.

Bath time should be brief

We bath in the shower, on a rubber stuck mat, with a snake hose from the shower attachment during bath time for our girls.  The snake is on, the water warm not hot, and the event occurs once a year, sometimes more for the back butt area when necessary.  The soap is the Halo Herbal Shampoo, and the bottle has been a god send for our very sensitive girls.  Once the dog is wet, I run a small line of shampoo down the back of my dog, and then massage shampoo everywhere.  The longest time is spent rinsing out the shampoo, making sure bath time is a massage as well as a cleansing event.  I wear shorts, flip flops, and have lots of towels, and mats everywhere.  A slippery surface is not to be found, and this has made bath time even better for my dogs.

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