Grass Fed Beef Vs. Organic Beef

Normally organic beef would seem like enough to bring to your dog’s table, for health, and fitness.   However, recent discoveries have led to much greater nutritional benefit to organic grass fed beef.  Specifically, 90% fat or more, locally raised organic grass fed beef.  Why would organic beef be less advantageous than organic grass fed beef? For one true reason, trace minerals and fats are of a better nutritional value than grain feed beef.  In the food production process, grain feed beef does not offer trace minerals such as molybdenum, selenium and copper.  In grass fed organic beef, you often will see these trace minerals, which offer a better way for the minerals to be received, as they are often tied to your local macrobiotic soil creation.

Yellow Dogs have an increase of skin issues with Poor Nutrition
Yellow Dogs have an increase of skin issues with Poor Nutrition


Even when organic beef is eaten, it is not the same properties of Omega 3, saturated fat, and trace minerals and nutrients. Building a process of eating the right clean food, or food that is valuable by its nutritional edge, and not full of unnecessary starches and sugars, is the right step towards health. Why this works is often a dog food is full of unnecessary elements of unhealthy carbs and not the right protein, effectively starving your dog. That is why you dog may end up digging up refuse, eating lawn garbage, or even destroying your trash. If you feed your dog healthy food, the option to source for food choices of substance will be minimized.

Sweet Potatoes and Meat

One of the simplest and best meals for your dog will provide a wealth of great vitamins and minerals to support good health is raw grass fed organic beef, with a smooth roasted sweet potato. There does not have to be any flavoring added to the meal, as this often is a real treat for your best friend. If you add too many starches, sugars or salt to the meal, you will be interfering with the chance for the best parts of the Omega 3 nutrition to reach your dog’s body. No need for dog food, this meal is a winner with all the nutrition your dog will need. Roast the sweet potatoes in the oven for an hour, at 350 degrees and let them cool on the counter. Roast enougth that you will use them within 3 days time, keeping the leftovers in the fridge. There are some good benefits about eating the skin, but most dogs will not do so. The only way to get that accomplished is to whip up the softened sweet potatoes in a food processor, and then store the slurry in a container for meal time. YOu can mix up the sweet potatoes with yams, acorn squash, or spaghetti squash. All can be roasted in the oven the same way.

Raw Meat Vs Cooked

More nutrition will be gained by raw meat vs. the cooked variety, and your dog will not get sick by fresh raw meat. The only thing you need to be concerned about is how much you feed, as you don’t want to over feed your dog, so a good rule of thumb is, for every 25 pounds, 4 oz of meat will work just fine. It is fine to warm it in the microwave or oven just to take the chill off the food, as that will taste better, don’t you agree?

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Veggies and Meat for Your Dog

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